Cacao & Specialty Crops

Cacao and Technical Assistance

Cacao acreage planted in Hawaii has increased dramatically in recent years with continued growth on the horizon. O’ahu RC&D is proud to be part of this growing industry and its current and future success. O’ahu RC&D invests in the cacao and specialty crop industry by providing community workshops, resources, and tools for existing and new farmers growing cacao and other types of specialty crops here in the islands. We work with newly established cacao orchards to ensure a robust future for this crop by providing one-on-one technical assistance in the field to assist our local producers. By working hand-in-hand with farmers, O’ahu RC&D believes we can enhance local economic opportunities and create a robust future for cacao production that is unique to Hawaii as Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that can produce cacao. 

For more information regarding cacao and island agroforestry, please check out the “Farm and Forestry Production and Marketing Profile for Cacao” by Prakash Hebbar, H.C. Bittenbender, and Daniel O’Doherty.

Community Workshops

Hands-on workshops provided by Oahu RCD to learn about cacao production

O‘ahu RC&D hosts workshops for new and existing farmers interested in producing cacao. Topics include learning best management practices for cacao orchard establishment, learning to identify pests/pest management and learning from existing cacao farmers in Hawaii to enhance peer-to-peer training and grow our local chocolate industry.

We have hosted workshops on Hawai’i Island and O’ahu and will be hosting additional workshops on Maui and O’ahu in late 2018.

If you are interested in helping to enhance a growing industry in Hawaii agriculture and support our farmers through hands-on training, please consider making a donation to O’ahu RC&D so we can continue to host workshops throughout the islands and grow our local chocolate industry!

Please donate today to provide Hawaii’s cacao & specialty crop growers with hands-on technical assistance and educational workshops.

Mahalo for your support!