Soil Health Planning – Healthy Soils Hawaii

Oahu RC&D will begin piloting soil health planning in 2021, addressing the growing interest in building soil carbon and legislative goals for carbon sequestration. 


Healthy soils, rich in carbon, are a natural resource in need of immediate action to protect and restore. Building soil health has become an increasingly important task as we face global climate challenges such as drought, intense storms, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and limited resources such as water and nutrients. Cover crops, organic soil amendments, conservation tillage and no-till practices are helping farmers build more resilient soils that are capable of addressing these issues and more.


Increasing soil carbon through a statewide carbon farming program is an important phase in addressing the impact of carbon loss in soils and targeting efforts that will sequester carbon with long term benefits to our communities and ecosystems. 

Healthy Soils Hawaii puts these concepts into action by: 
  • Working with the local community to implement best management practices that support soil health in Hawaii. 
  • Making funds available to small farms who may otherwise be exempt from traditional funding sources that support installation of soil health practices. 
  • Educating the farming community on the benefits of soil health practices for carbon sequestration and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.