Waimānalo Community Recycling Day


Mahalo Nui Loa to our Waimānalo community members who recycled with us on January 31st!

Together, we were able to recycle:

  • 287 tires
  • 6 palettes of e-waste
  • 1 roll-off of scrap metal & appliances
  • Hundreds of household & car batteries
  • 1 roll-off of trash collected from illegal dumpsites
  • Numerous propane tanks and fire extinguishers
  • 1 bin of household items and clothing for Savers
  • 40 volunteers donated 100 hours of service

For more information on the next Recycling Day, visit Hui o Koʻolaupoko’s website.  For a complete list of recyclable goods and recycling centers, visit the Department of Environmental Services’ website, www.opala.org.

Hui o Ko‘olaupoko and O‘ahu Resource Conservation and Development Council are pleased to announce plans for the 6th Annual Waimānalo Community Recycling Day.  The Recycling Day is an annual event, held every January, and provides the community a hands-on opportunity to care for the natural resources of Waimānalo.

[one_half] The event will be held on Saturday January 31, 2014 from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Waimānalo Beach Park.


Bring old scrap metal (including appliances and propane tanks), regular size tires without rims, cellular phones, computers, printer cartridges, batteries, paper, magazines, TV’s, and all types of plastic to be recycled. 

Curbside pick-up can be arranged for Waimānalo residents who are unable to haul their recyclable materials to the Beach Park, and towing of unwanted vehicles in any condition is also available.

Hui o Ko‘olaupoko is currently recruiting volunteers to help sort the recyclable materials and to pick up litter throughout the ahupua’a.

To view a full list of recyclable items, to sign-up as a volunteer, or to make an appointment for curbside pick-up or towing go to email or call Kristen Nalani Mailheau at 808-381-7202.