O’ahu RC&D

Supporting Women Farmers, Ranchers, and Entrepreneurs

You’ve probably heard that Hawaii aims to double food production by 2020; and perhaps like many (including us) you’ve wondered if it is possible. One thing is clear: any increase in food production requires support for farmers and ranchers. This is especially true as Hawaii and the rest of our global community respond to COVID-19.

Women-operated farms, ranches and agribusinesses are growing in Hawaii and they need your help. Many have responded so rapidly to the increasing demand from the pandemic for locally sourced produce and proteins, that they have not had the time or funds to setup properly, expand, or transition their operations. Please help us in setting up a mini-grant program to fund critical items that will help them make substantial improvements and increase their capacity to feed our island community. We have $5,000 and are fundraising through Give Big to match these funds.

Oahu RC&D supports Hawaii’s farmers and ranchers by

  • Enhancing economic opportunities and providing business and production training for new farmers through on-farm workshops.
  • Hosting community events that highlight the diversity of local agriculture and connect people with farmers and ranchers through family-friendly activities.
  • Creating opportunities for women-owned agribusinesses via a network that connects farmers to professionals and each other.

We feel it is critical to support individuals engaged in the local food and sustainability movement at its very foundation.

Join us! Your tax-deductible donation to Oahu RC&D supports farmers and ranchers. Donate today.