Hawai’i Women Farmers Network

Regenerative Agriculture

Improving soil health
Lessening the use of fertilizers and other farm chemicals
Reducing runoff and erosion
Increasing yields

Are you interested in learning more about regenerative farming principles and practices? Do you have farm management goals for increased yields, improved soil health, better water quality, cooler soils in summer, a reduction in runoff and erosion, and lessen the use of fertilizers and other farm chemicals and an overall reduction in costly inputs? 

Do you have a vague vision for how your farm can generate it’s own inputs, promote microbial life and cycle nutrients onsite to maintain healthy soil and meet crop nutrient needs, but don’t really know where to start making changes or adopting new practices systematically?

Would you like assistance assessing what you are already doing and help identifying natural next steps you can take? Do you need help prioritizing your management goals based on your regenerative vision for your farm?

Starting December 2020, Hawaii Women Farmer’s Network (WFN) will provide tools, training and videos to help you start integrating regenerative agriculture practices on your farm or ranch.