Our Services

 Oʻahu RC&D is pleased to be able to offer services that support our local farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs. These services include:

Sunn Hemp Seed Sales

Cover crops are an extremely beneficial conservation management practice for both large farms and small backyard gardens. Unfortunately, many kinds of seed are not readily available on the islands. Oʻahu RC&D has a yearly harvest of sunn hemp seed we sell at low cost as a service to local growers to help them with conservation management. Our ‘Tropic Sun’ sunn hemp variety was bred specifically for our island climate.

Learn more about sun hemp and other cover crops

For more information regarding sunn hemp seeds please email us at  admin@oahurcd.org or call us at (808)-622-9026.

*Please note that we are currently out of seeds for the season. To be put on our waiting list, feel free to contact us directly.

Conservation Planning

Conservation Planning & MonitoringOʻahu RC&D conservation planners work with farmers and ranchers to recognize and address resource concerns on their properties. Planners help producers choose and implement management practices that will best meet their conservation needs. In some cases, financial assistance is available. If you are interested in developing a conservation plan for your farm, ranch, or forest, call our office at 622-9026 or see our Conservation Planning page for more information.

MonitoringJean Brokish-In the Field (Pioneer Kunia)

Oʻahu RC&D provides monitoring services to farmers, ranchers, and nursery owners who have a current conservation plan.

Agribusiness Trainings

Oʻahu RC&D provides basic business skills trainings to agricultural businesses. Topics include: record keeping, taxes, regulations, food safety, marketing, distributing, exporting, and obtaining loans and other financing.

Fiscal Sponsorships

Oʻahu RC&D serves as a fiscal sponsor to several smaller organizations in Hawaiʻi with goals similar to our own. We contract with these organizations to provide fee-based administrative support as they complete projects and expand their organization.