GoFarm Hawaiʻi’s

Pig Fencing Workshop

November 18, 2023
GoFarm Hawaiʻi Waialua Site, Oʻahu


Disturbance from feral swine activity causes negative impacts on agricultural productivity, soil conservation and watershed health; with no predators within the Hawaiian Islands, farmers and stewardships of the environment have found exclusion fencing to be a solution that reduces wild pig impacts on agricultural operations. University of Hawaiʻi’s GoFarm AgBusiness Program and Oʻahu RC&D teamed up to provide the agricultural community with a fencing workshop to demonstrate effective methods* to deter pigs from entering properties and hindering agricultural operations and native ecology. 

*If you are receiving funding from USDA-NRCS or other sources, be sure to confirm fencing specifications and other requirements prior to implementation. Feral swine control is most effective when fencing, hunting, trapping and other methods are used in a coordinated fashion on the landscape to reduce feral swine populations. Fencing alone does not reduce feral swine numbers.


During this workshop, Britton Price–animal agriculture expert–shared tactics to build metal and wood fences designed to exclude pigs. The event was captured on video and has been developed into a short tutorial for anyone looking for detailed guidance on fence implementation. Additionally, a long-format video of the workshop is provided below, which includes more information about materials, various methodology, and step-by-step instruction for those that are new to fencing. These videos are a stepping stone for viewers that are unfamiliar with fence installation, consultation with an experienced individual is still recommended for maximum effectiveness.  

Short Format Tutorial
Full Version

Fencing Materials

A fencing materials cost list and vendor/store locator list (exclusive to the state of Hawaiʻi) were created to reference during the fencing planning phase. Additionally, revisited ideas and questions from the in-person audience have been synthesized into a Frequently Asked Questions document.