Overview of Project

O‘ahu RC&D assists farmers located in the Ki‘iki‘i and Paukauila Watershed Area in developing conservation plans and providing technical and financial assistance to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) that improve water quality by reducing total nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment loads derived from agricultural lands.

Conservation Planning for Farmers

A conservation plan is a tool that helps farmers protect and enhance the natural resources that support productive and profitable farming operations. Conservation plans are flexible, working blueprints; they can be adapted or revised to address the changing needs of a farm. These plans detail “best management practices” (BMPs) that farmers use to protect the natural resources on their land.

Farmers work with a conservation planner to create a conservation plan that addresses resource concerns and assists long-term productivity of their farm.

Cost-Share Program for Farmers

Farmers who join this project may be eligible to receive cost-share assistance to install conservation practices that assist in limiting soil erosion, reducing runoff and addresses other natural resource concerns on their land. Farmers may be eligible to receive funding for up to ⅔ of total cost for practices implementation that addresses watershed health. Some eligible practices may include:

  • Vegetative barriers
  • Grassed waterways
  • Windbreaks
  • Riparian forest buffers

Project Location Map of Kiʻikiʻi and Paukauila Watersheds

Conservation planning and cost-share program available to farms in the project area (pictured below) that are near to the lower sections of the Ki‘iki and Paukauila streams.

Oʻahu RC&D will provide cost-share directly to farmers to install conservation practices on their land. We have successfully developed and managed similar projects in Windward watersheds. Farms located in the project area will be invited to submit applications for BMP cost-share and sub-awards will be developed with select farms and conservation practices that best enhance watershed restoration and water quality input. Farmers, ranchers, and agricultural operators are invited to submit applications to be considered for project participation by 2:00pm on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024. Download the application below for more information and guidance on applying.