Supporting Rural Communities


Rural communities on the Island of Oʻahu play a vital role in our economic and social well-being. With 85% of Hawaii’s food imported from outside the state, local agricultural producers are essential to our food security.

Oʻahu RC&D works to provide necessary resources to support and enhance the capabilities of local farmers, ranchers and land owners as they endeavor to make Hawaiʻi more food secure. Our efforts are focused on carrying out projects that will positively impact the Oʻahu economy by supporting diversified agriculture while protecting natural resources.

We offer a variety of workshops and trainings to members of the community and agricultural businesses to help them improve their farming, gardening, and business skills. Workshops and trainings are taught by experienced local farmers and individuals who work in the agribusiness community.

Previous Workshops:

  • Master Farmer seminars
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Grow Your Own Groceries Backyard Gardening
  • Agricultural Land Preservation
  • Inoculated Deep Litter Systems for piggeries

Agribusiness Trainings:

  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Product Development