2006 OADP Projects


nalofresh processing

NaloFresh, Inc.

Project Description: Establish a processing facility and sales office in Waimanalo to displace 50% of the current imported baby-greens from the mainland. Local buyers and consumers will experience be able to purchase fresher, locally-grown, packaged produce previously only available from mainland companies.

Outcome: Processing equipment has been installed operations have begun. The processing facility will produce a safer product at a 50 -75% cost savings for farmers who currently grow and package their own non-certified products. The processing facility began operations on February 9, 2009 on a M-W-F schedule.


U`ilani Farms

Project Description: Upgrade the current irrigation system to reduce the amount of time irrigating crops. 5,000 carnation plants, 2,500 taro plants, and 200 plumeria trees were planted and a wash/packing area was installed.

Outcome: New piping and water timers have been purchased and installed. 5,000 carnation plants, 500 taro plants 300 plumeria plants, and 375 corn plants have been planted. The new irrigation system allows workers to focus on more productive tasks. Employee time spent to manually monitor the irrigation of crops has decreased significantly, allowing them to focus on other activities on the farm. This translated into a savings of approximately $500 per month. 2 PT workers have been hired to help with harvesting and packing since October 2008. Wash/packing area has been constructed and is in operation.



KTF Warehouse

Kahuku Tropical Farm

Project Description: Construction of a warehouse/processing center to refrigerate basil, taro leaf, and lemon grass before being distributed locally and internationally.

Outcome: Construction of the warehouse has been completed and the ice reefer and office have been installed. Due to Kahuku Tropical Farm having their own warehouse, they are saving an approximate $1,700 per month on rent and labor costs. They have also been able to double the farm’s storage capacity from 1,800 sq ft to 3,600 sp ft.