2007 OADP Projects


Tomato Greenhouse 2

Ho Farm

Project Description: Construction of a greenhouse to protect tomatoes and cucumbers during the rainy season. Develop a website and marketing materials for promoting the farm’s produce to customers.

Outcome: A website (www.hofarms.com) and marketing materials (logo, brochure) have been created. The greenhouse has been constructed and the first harvest is being conducted in February 2009. Already the tomatoes that are currently being grown are in better condition, giving double the yield than normal tomato production outside of the greenhouse. During the past rainstorm in December of 2008, Ho Farms was able to save the portion of their crop .(5 acre) that was in the greenhouse while the rest of their crop was destroyed by the rains. Since the first planting in December 2008, approximately $6,900 worth of tomatoes have been harvested and sold.


JC Farms

JC Farms of Hawaii

Project Description: Installed a trailer and expanded the tropical flower, palms and ginger production. The trailer is being used to train handicapped workers from Easter Seals and Lanakila to work on the farm.

Outcome: Approximately one acre of land was grubbed, cleared and graded. An irrigation system has been installed for the bird of paradise, greenery (ie. ferns) and an additional 495, 25 gallon potted palms have been planted. Approximately 0.25 acres of red ginger have been planted as well. A dramatic increase in cut flower revenues has been generated by JC Farms of Hawaii over the last two years. The project has also allowed JC Farms of Hawaii to expand their potted palm areas to accommodate the large high value 25 gallon potted palms.




inside greenhouse w Bob & Kevin

Maunawili Greens

Project Description: funding will be used to purchase a greenhouse for hydroponic lettuce production to increase production of lettuce from 300 to 2,000 heads of lettuce/week creating 2 FT jobs. The applicant will be providing over 80% of the project total costs.

Outcome: Greenhouse construction has been completed, production is scheduled to begin the 2nd week of March 2009.