2008 OADP Projects


Twinbridge OADP 08

Twinbridge Farms

Project Description: funding will be used to rent a bulldozer to clear 50 acres of land for corn seed production. 50% of the project costs will be covered by the applicant with projections of increasing revenues by 6% over the next 3 years and creating 2 FT jobs.

Outcome: Clearing of the land has been completed and the irrigation lines have been set. The first corn planting was installed the 3rd week of February 2009.


K. K. Poultry Farms, Inc.

Project Description: funding will be used for purchasing an egg processing machine that will allow the business to save $45K/year on processing costs. The project will help generate 1 PT employee

Outcome: Farm improvements were completed and the processing room was constructed. An egg processing machine was installed.


fish tanks

Hawaii Fish Company

Project Description: The project will initiate pond-side tank production of tilapia, catfish, and/or pongee so as to ensure increased future supplies of healthy farm-raised seafood for Honolulu’s Chinatown live seafood markets. The project will increase and stabilize the aquafarm’s year-round seafood production, revenues, and profitability, so as to safeguard the owners’ two existing jobs and the job of a hired part-time employee, while helping to ensure the Company’s long-term economic viability and sustainability.

Outcome: Pond area has been cleared and the platforms have been constructed.