PONO is a new Hawai’i based organization founded by Keiko Bonk, longtime political and cultural advocate for the protection of Hawaii’s unique natural and cultural environment. PONO’s mission is to resurrect the Hawaiian concept of pono as the practical cultural and political criteria for responding to environmental problems as moral problems by bringing together science, political policy activism, community organizing and the arts in coordinated campaigns to protect, improve, and sustain Hawaii’s social and natural environment. These campaigns will include mass media, and building and training a network of volunteers, community organizers, scientists, professionals, and elected officials to share skills and work together. PONO will implement immediate emercency response plans that are integrated into long-term restoration plans focusing on restoring healthy human and nonhuman habitats, so that all species in Hawai’i, including homo sapiens, can survive and prosper.

Currently, PONO is focused on the “Save Our Seal” Campaign, the first of what Keiko Bonk hopes to be the “Save Our Species” Campaign, which will work to end Hawaii’s current status as the “extinction capitol of the world”. As the monk seal recovery campaign expands, PONO will advance the cultural and policy changes needed to protect Hawaii’s other 340+ endangered species.