Sunn Hemp Seed

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Tel: (808) 239-1280


48-373 Kamehameha Highway # G Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

What is ‘Tropic Sun’ Sunn Hemp?

Blooming Sunn Hemp

[google_font font=”Lato” size=”22″ weight=”400″ italic=”0″ color=”#1B2631″]As an annual legume, this plant can be used for green manure, cover crops, or livestock feed. The plant itself produces bright yellow flowers with elliptical leaves.[/google_font]

Quick Facts About ‘Tropical Sun’ Sunn Hemp

More Information on Sunn Hemp


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[google_font font=”Lato” size=”18″ weight=”400″ italic=”0″ color=”#17202A” subset=””]’Tropical Sun’ Sunn Hemp[/google_font]