Watershed Restoration


Many Oʻahu streams start in steep mountain areas, where erosion and flash flooding are significant concerns, and soil sediment and nutrients can cause poor water quality.  Some of Hawaii’s watersheds have been designated by the Hawaii Department of Health as “impaired”, meaning it does not meet current water quality standards.  In an effort to improve the health of these watersheds, Oʻahu RC&D implemented their Watershed Projects.  In these “impaired” areas Oʻahu RC&D works with farmers and ranchers, through a voluntary process, to reduce nutrients and sediment from entering our local streams.

By implementing best management practices on area farms, we are able to reduce nutrients and sediments in these watersheds.  Some of the practices that were implemented to protect the water quality, reduce the risk of soil erosion, and fertilizer run-off, are cover crops, buffer strips, composting facilities, and grassed waterways.

Oʻahu RC&D and their local partners also host field days in the watershed areas to promote education and the protection of these watersheds.


Our current Watershed Projects:

Our previous Watershed Projects: