2005 OADP Projects


JD 30 John Deere Harvester

Crop Care Hawaii, LLC

Project Description: Purchased a used JD 30 John Deere harvester for cover crop sunn hemp crotolaria seed production. JD 30 John Deere Harvester

Outcome: The sunn-hemp project has expanded to involve more farmers throughout the island to produce seed in efforts to have sunn-hemp used state-wide as a cover crop. Production of sunn-hemp seed has increased from 1 to 30 acres. To date, approximately 12,000 lb of sunn-hemp crotolaria seed has been harvested and sold. Two new companies, Hana Hou Seed Harvesting, LLC and crotolaria seed specialists, LLC have been created.


Green Growers

Green Growers, Inc

Project Description: Established a second farm site to increase the farm’s capacity for growing vine-ripened tomatoes. Land was prepped with irrigation and hyrdro-ponic planting beds have been installed. Establishing a second site would also allow Green Growers to continue producing tomatoes if one site is down due to virus (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV)). Terry Shintaku with his hydro-ponic tomatoes

Outcome: The site has been cleared, irrigated, and 20 tomato troughs have been established. Additional sales from the site have generated revenues of $10,000 since the beginning of the project. 1 part time worker has been hired to assist in managing the new site and to continue expanding the number of hydroponic troughs.



north shore cattle beer sausages

North Shore Cattle Company

Project Description: Create a value-added grass-fed beef product, “Beer Sausages”. Recipe development, labeling followed by marketing will lead to the introduction of a new sausage to local markets. North Shore Cattle Company “Fire Rock Sausages”

Outcome: North Shore Cattle was successful in creating, packaging, and distributing a grass-fed beef “Beer Sausage”. The product is being distributed through local restaurants and stores. A P/T marketing manager has been hired to distribute and market the new product.