Hawaiʻi Community Stewardship Network

hawaii community stewardship network

The Hawaiʻi Community Stewardship Network (HCSN), or Ka ʻAhahui Hoaʻāina O Ke Kaiaulu Hawaiʻi, empowers Hawaii’s communities to improve their quality of life through caring for their natural heritage. HCSN help communities in Hawaiʻi who request their assistance to identify and achieve their goals for managing the natural heritage of the places they live. They work with communities to:

  • assess a broad range of conditions from the ecological to the cultural;
  • develop, manage, monitor and evaluate projects in locally meaningful ways;
  • build equitable partnerships to help communities address the challenges they face.

HCSN is active throughout the state in more than 20 communities. These communities are utilizing cultural traditions and engaging their elders and children to increase fish populations, restore loʻi, manage fishponds, clean streams, clear debris, and more. HCSN brings them together to share skills, information, and lesson learned. With HCSN’s help, communities are caring for their natural heritage.

To learn more about HCSN, contact them at (808) 626-5490.