Tour #1: Our Food & Farmers (10AM-12:30PM)

Tour #1: Our Food & Farmers
(10AM-12:30PM  or  2PM-4:30PM)

Tour Highlights:
Hawaii Ag Foundation Ag Park at Kunia, Frankie’s Nursery, Kunia Plantation Village and Kunia Country Farms

Tour Description:  Join tour host, Lisa Zeman-Rohden, the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation Ag Park at Kunia manager, and learn about the diversity of farm products grown in the Kunia corridor. Visit a farm site and, if ready to harvest, pull up some veggies! A drive by Frankie’s Nursery will highlight a thriving fruit tree sales business and we’ll learn about growing food on trees. We’ll also drive through the Kunia Plantation Village and learn about the revitalization of this important farm worker-housing program. Our last stop is one of the largest aquaponic farms and producer of leafy greens in the state of Hawaii. Aquaponics, aquaculture and hydroponics together, demonstrates a new model of sustainable farming that we will see up close and in action. Bus Host: Lisa Zeman Rhoden.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Tour Sites:
HAF Ag Park at Kunia
Frankie’s Nursery
Kunia Village and Agribusiness Complex
Kunia Country Farms 

Parade of Farms