Tour #2: Our Products (10:00AM-12:30PM)

Tour #2: Our Products

Tour Highlights:
Oils of Aloha and Manulele Distillers 

Tour Description:  We’ll start the tour with a visit to the Oils of Aloha factory and learn how macadamia and kukui nut oils are transformed into skincare and culinary oils. We’ll share some cooking tips for using macadamia nut oil in your home. On our stop at Manulele Distillers we will learn how a true farm to bottle operation works. From the demonstration sugar cane plot to cane juice pressing to the impressive distillery operation, you will see first hand how local Hawaiian agricole rum is made.  

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Tour Sites:
Oils of Aloha
Manulele Distillers and Kō Hana Rum

Parade of Farms